Riding With Your Dog


Many of us treat our pets like family. The idea of being separated from our four-legged children for more than a few hours is not an option for some. The next time you head out to run errands, take a trip, or just go for a leisure ride with your dog, keep the following safety tips in mind:

Never allow a dog to sit in the lap of the vehicle driver. In the event that your airbag deploys, the impact could seriously injury your dog, or worse.

Never allow a dog to hang outside the window. While dogs seem to enjoy this, it puts them in an unsafe situation. Roadsidedebris and rocks, and bugs have the potential to fly up and hit your dog in the face. Also, your dog could be sent flying out of your car if you hit a bump or pothole.

Bring a chew toy. Some dogs get sick during car rides. Bring a chew toy to keep the dog distracted if a situation arises where you must bring your furry companion along. It will help time go by quicker for the dog as well.

Never allow a dog to sit in a truck bed. Unless you are securing your dog in a special crate that is securely tied down, the bed of a truck is one of the most dangerous places for a dog to be. An auto accident or the dog’s own free will can send him tumbling out of the truck, causing injury.

Pack fresh water and food for your dog. Dogs normally get excited about car pant and rides heavily as a result. The panting makes them thirsty. Having fresh water available will help calm the dog down and make for a more comfortable ride for him.

Use a safety harness (like the one in the photo above, photo courtesy of radiousa.com). Use a dog safety harness rather than a regular neck collar if you are going to properly secure your dog in your vehicle. Using a collar as a way to restrain your dog in the car has the possibility to cause strangulation.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you take your dog for a car ride. Doing so can create a less stressful and more comfortable ride for the both of you.

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