Traffic can be Terrific

Southern California is famous for a great number of things, most notably Hollywood and the culture that surrounds it. Walking down Hollywood Boulevard, you can ponder the walk of fame, marvel at the Capital Records building, and hobnob with the impersonators outside the Chinese Theater. We have the glitzy streets of Beverly Hills and the bucolic vistas of Malibu. Yes, we’re so fortunate to become merely a stone’s throw away from such a great number of iconic locations, personalities, people and history, but there’s a few things we’re famous for your aren’t quite so glamorous.

Though it’s apparently getting better, we are world famous for the haze and smog. We’re also famous for our first class traffic. We all have stories for being stuck around the 405 for several hours at a time, gripping our steering wheels and shaking with waxing frustration as our plans evaporate before our helpless eyes. There are days when everyone is late to the office as a truck skidded some thirty miles away, dumping lemons or garlic on the road, and the butterfly effect disrupts the majority of Southern California to the point of near paralysis. No matter what you are doing or your geographical area, the bane that is traffic will find you. Eventually. Fortunately there’s a number of things you can do to mediate this frustration, and I’m not talking about doing a crossword puzzle or texting your best friend in New York. You can navigate the glacial pace of traffic safely in a relaxed fashion. First, you need the right car.

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In my opinion, the right car requires a few elements, and so i won’t compromise on them. It must get excellent gas mileage. I drive a hybrid at the moment and I get around 37 mpg. Some cars get more, other get fewer, but the better the mileage, the more money you save and the less you have to fret about filling up. Also, hybrids actually become a little more efficient in heavy traffic. That’s merely the cherry on the top.

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Also, the car must have blu-tooth. It needs this specifically so I can play my iTunes or my Pandora and not have to suffer the radio. Having the right music is imperative to transform a frustrating commute into an opportunity to hear your favorite music or have a look at new tunes. Also, and this goes without saying, your brand new car MUST have a solid air conditioning system. Before I got my new car, I was stuck in an old jalopy which had none, as well as the price to correct it was just out of reach at the time. Needless to say, I had a number of painfully uncomfortable drives.

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It’s not always easy to find the right car, and here in Southern California our choices around the matter convey more consequences than pretty much somewhere else in the country. Though it’s hard, it’s certainly not impossible. You have tons of resources readily available, starting with internet. To start your pursuit, check out either or and start getting those new car juices flowing.

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