Discovering Route 66 – The History, The Romance, The Road Trip of all Road Trips

Route 66 is probably the most romantic and famous road trip of which all and sure to display on many a “bucket list” the world over. Blazing a trail between Los Chicago and Angeles more than 2000 miles away this legendary road has inspired many a rock song or R&B anthem as it makes its way diagonally across the United States passing through among the most spectacular scenery in the world.


Should you prefer a road visit to end all road trips, the real “daddy” of all road trips then this is where you need to head. You won’t be disappointed in reality you’ll be inspired through the rusty old truck stops in the middle of the back of beyond, the aging neon signs and also the whole American vibe happening . . . as the song says, you truly can “get your kicks” right here on Route 66.

Call into Used Cars Ontario, pick up an iconic motor . . . well, just any old motor will in fact do . . . and get ready for the road trip of a life time.

Route 66 really epitomizes traditional America, long before it had been even paved way back in 1926 this is one of the initial transcontinental highways in the country – known as National Old Trails Highway. It really was America’s Main Street joining the east coast to the west winding through all sorts of small American towns in the Southwest and the Midwest. The path is lined with various gas motels, cafes, stations and tourist attractions – seeing really is believing. Route 66 was the glory road along which many travelers left the industrial East coast for that idyllic sunshine of Los Angeles – taking them through the Rust Belt onwards to the promise of the Sun Belt.

Improved interstate highways began to appear the importance of Route 66 was gradually eroded and it is no more the main cross country route it once was, in fact it was decommissioned in 1984 and renamed Historic Route 66 as new. I dunno’ . . .maybe that just boosts the appeal.


Okay, so it lost its status as one of the most important highways across America but it really gained a lot more – a romance, a mystique, the name has launched maybe a hundred songs as well as a million bumper stickers.

A lot of the old towns and businesses over the Historic Route 66 have battled against the odds to be alive – motels and diners are proud of their association with Route 66 and are literally hanging by way of a thread seeking to attract several visitors and tourists as they possibly can with souvenirs and gimmicks that are far too good to miss. Okay, so the word “tacky” may spring in your thoughts but hey, surely that’s part of the charm.


Embracing the historical past and the tradition of the Midwest whilst enjoying some of the most spectacular and diverse sights in the nation then this is definitely the road trip for you if you wish to taste the real flavor of historic America.

Travelers come from all throughout the world to enjoy the spectacle of driving Route 66. One great option is to check out some of the Fairview Ford is offering (on the California end) and drive both the thousand plus mile journey to Chicago before selling it again and using the plane ride home. It certainly isn’t only the Americans which embrace the romance of this historic route.

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