Unforgettable Romantic Destination in Southern California Await

I never realized this until I moved here ten years ago, but Southern California has to be among the most exciting places to fall in love. Yes, all places I’m sure are exciting, because really, is there any better feeling? If so, please contact me. The reason I feel this way is because within a three hour drive of Los Angeles in practically any direction will yield any romantic dozens of breath taking and interesting spots that could act as picture perfect romantic destinations. If you are planning on taking your sweetheart away for the weekend or the week, you absolutely must have a comfortable vehicle that is fuel efficient and safe. We have thirty million people driving in this state, so best to reduce your risks if you can.

The new Nissan Sentra is a stunning car, loaded with all the technological advances in safety and convenience that you could ever want. It is affordable, yet sleek, and will start any romantic journey off on the right foot. To peruse this, or any of the other exciting new Nissan options, go to www.downtownnissan.com or http://www.downtownnissan.com and get your heart pumping, cause romance is in your immediate future.


Wine Country

No discussion of romantic getaways in California would be complete without talking about wine country, and California has a lot to choose from. My two favorites are Paso Robles and Santa Ynez. Like all California wine producing areas, these two are beautiful and offer exciting and classy restaurants to go along with breathtaking vineyards and fun, yet educational wine tastings. More than anything though, I can’t think of any place in Southern California or really anywhere else with the ever present scent of romance than wine country.


Malibu Beaches

We are so lucky to have world-class beaches right in our own backyard here. I was just up at a beach in Malibu last weekend and my friend commented that she felt like she was on a Bahamian island. Malibu truly is a getaway, and you don’t really need to get away! It’s the perfect weekend destination for those of us who can’t really find the time to take our special someone distant.

Mammoth Mountain

If you do have a little time to get away, few places are more romantic or adventurous than Mammoth. Winter or Summer, this resort town has so much to offer that you’d need constant motivation to explore everything. In the winter, Mammoth is home to some of the best skiing America has to offer. In the summer, there is lake fishing and splendid hikes that will make you and your sweetheart feel closer than ever. It’s a hike from Los Angeles, but if you’re in that new Nissan Sentra, it won’t matter. When you are taking a road trip in that, the journey will be almost as fun as the destination. Wherever you choose to go for your romantic getaway, I know you’ll have the perfect time. Just make sure to eat something delicious!


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